Lighthouse Kids In-Home Childcare

We have 2 full time openings for children ages 18 months - 5 years old who are not in school this year. Please text, message through Facebook, or call to set up an interview. 

Parents Handbook

Lighthouse Kids In-home Child Care


This handbook covers important information regarding our childcare 

policies and the care of your child. Please read it carefully and 

thoroughly , so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Jessica & Jobie Lowe – 641-980-5099

701 E 2nd St.

Ottumwa, Ia 52501


All enrollment and medical forms must be turned in prior to

 starting services.  The medical forms (physical and immunizations) 

must be updated on a yearly basis. You can get a copy of these from

 your child’s pediatric office.



Parents work schedules need to be turned into me on a weekly basis.

 If your schedule changes, you must let me know ASAP in order to 

avoid scheduling conflicts here at the daycare.


Rates and Payment

Rates are $3.50 per hour per child Monday-Friday.  

Payment is due every Friday at drop off prior to care of your child. No exceptions.  

If one week passes without payment, this contract will be terminated and the position will be filled. If your paychecks are not weekly, you need to 

make payment arrangements with me. 

Cash is the acceptable form of payment.

*****Also note that if you have applied for child care assistance, and have 

not been approved within the month applied, payment must be paid in 

full before your child returns to our care.If payment for this is not made 

within 1 week of being denied, the $20 per day late fee will back date to the

 first week services were rendered. ***  


We reserve the right to change our rates once a year.  

You will be given a 3 week notice prior to any changes.


Termination of Services

Parents may terminate care with 2 weeks written notice.  We reserve the right to terminate care with 2 weeks written notice.  The reasons for termination can include but not limited to:

*Rude or disrespectful behavior towards any care giver by either the parent or child

*Discipline problems with child that cannot be resolved

*Parenting differences

*Scheduling conflicts

*Chronic late pick-ups

*Chronic late payment


*Failure to provide proper clothing each day


After 2 no call, no shows, I reserve the right to terminate care immediately without notice and will consider the contract void and the position(s) 

will be filled.



Children should be dressed properly forthe day and in a clean diaper/ pull-up, if applicable. Please do NOT send food in for your child, as this can create problems with the other children. We will feed your child here at the daycare. 


Meal Schedule

Breakfast – 8AM

AM Snack – 10AM

Lunch- 12PM

PM Snack- 3PM


We will provide meals/snacks to your child at these times. Your child will 

be offered the meal/snack, if they choose not to eat what is given, they will 

not be forced to eat but will have to wait until the next meal/snack time to 

before they are offered something to eat again.

Items From home

Please keep personal items such as toys and food at home. Failure to do so 

will result in the items being put away for the day and given back at 

pick-up time when they leave.  




Sick children with a fever of 99 degrees or more, vomiting, or diarrhea

 will need to be picked up ASAP. If your child has had any of these 

symptoms at home, please do not bring them to daycare. They must 

be fever/vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours or with a doctor’s note before 

they may return. Children who have red/pink eyes, discharge and crusting 

or a rash will not be allowed to stay in care and will need to also have a 

doctor’s not before returning.   Children who become ill will be kept separate 

from the rest of the group in a comfortable environment until their parents 

get here.   If a parent can’t be reached, the person designated on the 

emergency contact form will be contacted.   

Please have other care lined up for occasions such as these.



Medications– Over-the-counter medications such as sunscreen, diaper

 rash cream, and bug spray will be used under our care.If your child 

has a prescription medication, it must be in an original container with 

directions and dosage from the pharmacy and doctor who prescribed it. 

Talk with us about usage and how to give the medication.


Accidents– When an accident/injury has occurred that has caused 

bruising, bleeding, or causes a child to be uncomfortable, we will fill out 

an accident report and/or notify the parents. A copy of the report will be 

placed in your child’s file. And you will receive a copy.   In the case of a 

more serious accident, the parents will be contacted ASAP to pick up 

their child. If there is an emergency with your child, and they need 

immediate medical treatment, an ambulance will be called and will 

provide transportation for the child to the Ottumwa Regional

 Emergency Dept. The parents will be called to meet the ambulance 

at the hospital. If you cannot be reached, the emergency contact on your

 form will be contacted. It is very important to keep the phone numbers 

of you and your emergency contacts information up-to-date.


Potty Training

Please be sure to bring pull-ups, underwear, and extra clothes for your 

child while they are potty training.  Also children need to be dressed in 

stretchy pants/shorts, or dresses/skirts.

Parent Vacations and Sick Days

2 weeks prior notice is required for your vacation.   If notice is 

not given, you will be charged your normal weekly rate even 

though your child is not here.  

Upon notification of your full week of vacation, you will be responsible to

 pay a portion of the normal rates in order to secure their child’s spot which is currently $50 per child.


Provider Vacation

We reserve the right to take 4 weeks of vacation per year, 2 weeks paid 

and 2 weeks unpaid.Payment for these weeks will be due in advance.  We 

will accept payment arrangements in advance for the 2 weeks paid. It will

 be very unlikely that we will take all 4 weeks at once. We will inform 

you of any vacation at least a month in advance.


Occasionally there may be a need to close for an extra day throughout the 

year or closer to the following holidays. We will inform you early in order 

for you to make other arrangements.We are open on Black Friday.


Holidays– We will be closed for the following holidays:

Memorial Day

July 4

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Day


 Supplies Needed for Your Child

You will need to bring the following for each child:

2 Complete changes of clothes 

Diapers/pull-ups, wipes, diaper cream (if applicable)


We ask that you bring supplies for your child to be left here so that we 

don’t have bags traveling back and forth/loss of items.Each child has a 

basket with their name and their supplies in it. We will notify you when 

your child is running low on their supplies.